Here's a list of things I've put out into the World Wide Web.

4 essential tips when you’re starting a UX career

A few pointers for UX designers starting out their journey, including pointers on how to work on your first individual project.

Design systems for dummies

A practical guide to creating your own design system, as well as tips on how to maintain your Sketch symbol library. Recommended for UX Designers just starting their journey.

How to convince business stakeholders to adopt UX processes

A quick guide to aligning yourself with business goals to help introduce a user-centric culture to management and key business stakeholders.

The 2 types of UX designers - thinkers and doers

A few tips for designers who tend to overthink, as well as those who rush into solutions.

Augmented Reality eGifting Patent

A patent for a mobile gifting flow for sending or receiving money via an augmented reality experience. Filed by the Royal Bank of Canada.

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