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Mobile Games

Games2Win is a leading casual game studio based in India. While there, I developed and helped design several iOS and Android games, such as:

  • Fashion Diva

  • Parking Frenzy

  • Airport Cargo Parking

  • Power Cricket T20


My Role

As a Unity3D Developer at Games2Win, I helped introduce several quality of life features for mobile games, including haptic feedback, interactive menus with transitions and real-world physics systems.

It was at Games2Win that I discovered and decided to pursue my passion for user experience design.

Fashion Diva

Fashion Diva is a game about dressing up models in the perfect outfit to earn points. Players earn more points for each matching piece of clothing they equip.

I contributed to the dress-up flow and created a feature allowing you to change the color of clothing using an RGB color slider. One of the new features we designed and added was special effects and animations for clothes and high scores.

I also ​worked with the designer to create a fluid scoring system that would adapt based​ on the number of matching pieces of clothing worn by the model.

Fashion Diva was #1 trending in fashion games in the US for a week after it released.


Parking Frenzy

Parking Frenzy is Games2Win's best performing game. I worked on updates and new maps for the series.


Another feature we introduced to the series during my time is animated menus in every screen that provided haptic feedback, which proved very popular.


Airport Cargo Parking

Airport Cargo parking is a 3D driving simulator we designed and developed from scratch. It involved driving several different vehicles without damaging them around an airport.

One of the main innovative features we introduced was a racing mode involving a ghost racer to compete with. This mode proved very popular and was kept for all future releases.

Another popular addition to the game involved destructible environments and fully physics-based props. We made sure to use a physics engine to create a feeling of realism.

Several levels involved carrying a load of barrels across the airport, with the barrels dropping off the car if you drove unsteadily.


Power Cricket T20

Power Cricket T20 is a sports game where you play a batsman playing cricket for the Indian team. You compete in the world cup championship competing with the other top cricket teams.


The controls involved predicting the trajectory of the ball and choosing a direction to bat it.

We improved the intuitiveness of the controls from previous versions and added more animations to make the gameplay more fluid and dynamic.


Power Cricket T20 was released alongside the T20 world cup in 2014 and proved to be massively successful.

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