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AR eGift

The AR eGift was conceived as part of an attempt to lift the usage of RBC Wallet's virtual gifting system.


As part of a team of 3, I worked on developing and designing augmented reality experiences for the gifting flow.

When sending or receiving a gift, users could attach a custom AR experience for their friends to unpack from their mobile device.

The AR eGift was launched as part of the RBC Wallet. The technique of sending an AR gift was patented and is currently pending approval.

Experiences included:

  • An AR painting tool to allow users to draw in 3D around them and send the 3D art to their friends. Their friends would receive the gift and be able to experience the 3D drawing around them on their device.

  • A little AR helicopter that would deliver a gift package to the user, - the gift would then burst open and transition to the user getting the virtual gift.

  • An AR darts game where the user could unlock their gift after bursting a few balloons in augmented reality through their phone.

Office Furniture

AR Furniture


As part of the RBC Innovation Lab's experiments, we also explored ideas for the Hololens.

We created a furniture placement tool for the Hololens and iOS ARKit that allowed the user to shop for furniture and place items within augmented reality to better understand how the item fitted in their existing home layout. Features included:


  • Auto-detection of floor and walls for the user to anchor the item against.

  • Distance and size estimation to render the object at the correct size in the environment.

  • Rotation tools to help orient the item properly in the room.

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Northern Lights

VR Shopping

As part of our UX Design capstone, we created a VR shopping experience for users to browse clothing and apparel in a virtual reality setting. This allowed for a more immersive experience with the following features:


  • A Customizable Mannequin for the user to mix and match clothing on to test how different combinations would work for the user's body type.

  • A Rotatable View of the currently selected item, along with selection customization options such as color and size.


  • A 3D Menu Array with haptic feedback for the user to choose between different types of clothing.

  • A Shopping Cart that displayed all selected clothes in 3D for the user to quickly reference and quickly checkout without leaving VR.

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